Do you ask yourself "How efficiently do I generate process heat?"

Process heat is crucial for your production process. So far the government has not mandated the installation of a costly CEMS to monitor emissions. But times have changed…

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"If you don't have to measure, why would you?"

Right – however, considering the current shortage of raw materials and the sharp rise in fuel cost, maximizing efficiency is critical to control cost. In addition, more and more companies are making an effort to actively monitor as well as eliminate generating CO 2 in their production process.

“How can I be sure that my burners are properly adjusted and not wasting gas or other energy?"

With the ecom-ST installed in a fixed position within their process, all companies that use industrial heat in the manufacture of their products have a new advantage in their hands. Thanks to the resulting measurements and data, transmitted easily by the ecom-ST to existing monitoring systems, anomalies and yield losses are detected in real time with precision. The ROI (return on investment) is achieved quickly, since the investment is only 10 to 30% compared to a CEMS.

Every increase in efficiency reduces cost!​

Every increase in efficiency reduces cost!

By installing a stationary combustion efficiency monitoring system, you can quickly optimize your burner settings to reduce fuel usage and CO2 emissions. That benefits your bottom line as well as your environmental consciousness…

“The earlier you optimize your process, the larger the benefits to your output will be!”

Process heat monitoring made by ecom

  • Reliable
  • Accurate
  • Easy integration

The ecom-ST allows you save valuable resources – and protect our environment in the process.
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